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Triad Transcription

In today's business environment, with federally mandated controls in the form of HIPAA legislation, security of your medical records is essential. There is no longer any reason to leave security to chance. Triad Transcription uses a data transfer process that protects confidential medical data by employing cutting-edge encryption technologies and SSL transfer protocols, all HIPAA compliant.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) ensures security as well as data integrity as your technical data is transferred between your medical facility and our fully-protected FTP site. Dual layer, embedded 256-bit encryption is used to scramble both digital audio files and transcribed reports, and access is password-protected. Using our transfer process, a simple point and click encrypts your files for both upload and download of your medical data.

We extend security standards to the desk of each transcriptionist with confidentiality agreements, and data transfers protected with the same SSL connection, encryption and password protection.

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